Garmin™ Dispatch | Driver Dispatch Management System

Garmin™ Dispatch

GPS North America prides itself in its partnerships with the leaders in the GPS industry. We have teamed up with Garmin™ to provide our clients with the most effective Driver Dispatch Management System in the industry. The system is cost-effective and user-friendly, keeping initial investment costs low for fleet owners.

Improved Communications

Drivers and dispatch will now have a dedicated method of communication. The service can also be upgraded to provide two-way texting between drivers and dispatch to avoid any miscommunications. Dispatcher has capability to communicate messages 3 different ways.

Improved Dispatch Functionality

Drivers will now have access to information such as their route, turn-by-turn directions, and new job alerts. They will also be able to accept the job right on their device. Dispatchers no longer have to wait for the new day to assign tasks, as a full 30-days of dispatch assignments and information can be pre-loaded into the system for the fleet.

Improved Navigation

If there is one thing Garmin™ is known for, it is its GPS capabilities. Improve customer service, reduce fuel and payroll expenses by ensuring drivers take the most direct route. It can also be programmed to alert dispatch when the vehicle has arrived at its destination, keeping dispatch up to date with the status of the route.