Signal Track™ Smart Antenna | Fleet Tracking Solutions

SignalTrack Software Features

  • Fleet Tracking

    Know where your fleet is and where it is going.

  • Fuel Management

    It's more than what's happening at the pump.

  • Dispatching

    Assign jobs and go!

  • Mobile Solutions

    Bring your office anywhere.

  • Reporting

    Measure. Manage. Improve.

  • HOS Software

    For DOT compliance.

  • Real-Time Alerts

    Instant notification. Actionable information.

  • Posted speed

    Are your vehicles operating safely on residential roads?

  • Routing

    Multi-stop routing made easy.

  • Job Schedule Board

    Simple scheduling for a smarter workforce.

  • Driver Behavior

    Harsh Braking, Rapid accelleration, Keep your drivers – and your business – safe.

  • Web Services

    Bring everything together.

  • Maintenance Reminders

    Prolong the life of your vehicles.

  • Mapping

    The smartest map on the planet.

  • Metrics Dashboard

    Track your goals on a single screen.

  • Integration

    SignalTrak connects to 3rd party software.

  • Automatic Driver Assignment

    Know who's behind the wheel.

Smart Antenna® Hardware Features

  • Smart Antenna®

    The most scalable device in the industry.


    Bus for vehicle diagnostics.

  • Smart Button

    Record activities that are relevant to a company’s individual business.

  • Panic Button

    Ability for driver to send a signal he is in distress.

  • Garmin

    Dispatches route directly to driver.

  • Driver ID

    Verify which employee was driving a specific vehicle.

  • Temp sensor

    Prevents perishable goods from being ruined in transit.

  • Voltage Sensor

    Monitor up to 4 Batteries on heavy equipment.

  • HOS

    Smart Antenna® is ready to add on terminal for E logs.

Add-on Hardware

SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna® Garmin™ Dispatch & Messaging

SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna® Garmin™ Dispatch & Messaging

GPS North America has partnered with Garmin to create one of the most complete services available in the industry. Messages no longer have to be distributed one at a time. You can store a full month's worth of dispatches to be disseminated as needed. Communication has been improved, offering two-way communication between drivers and dispatch. In addition, drivers have access to turn-by-turn directions and the device automatically notifies dispatch when each driver arrives at the scheduled destination. Learn more about SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna® Garmin™ Dispatch & Messaging.

SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna® Electronic Driver Logs

A major challenge for fleet tracking solutions is the ability to properly record a driver's actual hours of service. The SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna® offers integration of real-time GPS vehicle tracking with status updates throughout the day and with every location change. Both the driver and dispatch have full access to the log at all times via the terminal or directly on the Web. Every second of every trip is properly documented to ensure driver compliance. Learn more about SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna® Electronic Driver Logs

SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna® Electronic Driver Logs

SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna® Smart Button Upgrade

We also offer an add-on service called the Smart Button. Employees use this to mark tasks as these are completed in the field. For example, drivers can immediately notify dispatch when a delivery is made. Driving services can use this to notify dispatch of passenger pick-up. The Smart Button can even be programmed for pothole detection! Are you ready to see what the SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna® can do for your business? Use our toll free number and give us a call at 1-888-760-4477. Use our online contact form to request more information, schedule a risk-free trial, or request a quote for your business

Smart Button Upgrade

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Owning a fleet of heavy equipment, as you know, is a very expensive endeavor. Whether you are a small business owner with one or two pieces of heavy equipment or a major construction company with dozens of trucks on the road every day, you need to ensure that your equipment is safe and secure. The GPS North America Smart Antenna® allows you track all of your equipment as well as provide performance reports to help you improve productivity and efficiency. Learn more about Heavy Equipment Tracking.

Heavy Equipment Tracking

SignalTrack® Mobile

Track Your Vehicles - as the fleet owner or manager, you need to know where your fleet is at all times. The SignalTrack® Mobile Application gives you real-time feedback on the location of every vehicle in your fleet. No more guessing, and no more waiting for a driver to check in. Simply access the application and you have their real-time position. SignalTrack® Mobile

SignalTrack® Mobile
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