SignalTrack™ Smart Antenna


Features + Benefits

  • Real time, web based with 2 minute updates
  • Size of a credit card
  • Heartbeats allow you to see if your vehicle is reporting even if the vehicle has not moved
  • Automatic alerts notification for speeding, excessive idling, maintenance, move-ment after hours
  • Up to the minute reporting including current location, previous stops, route history, speed, mileage by state
  • Optional Sensor to monitor specific events
  • Summary of miles driven daily, weekly, monthly allowing you to measure gas use
  • 3-D Google Earth Mapping
  • Filter option allows you to view only vehicles that are: moving, idling, or stopped
  • Garmin Integration for 2-way driver messaging, route dispatching and turn-by-turn instructions
  • Better measure, monitor, and manage fleet performance
  • Reduce operating expenses- including fuel costs, overtime pay, and insurance premiums


The SignalTrack Smart Antenna offers a GPS tracking system in one small device built with high quality, tamperproof hardware, and other unique features to help you run your business more efficiently and cost effectively.

SignalTrack Smart Antenna is as small as a credit card, and all parts are contained within the GPS device. Included among other key capabilities is the GPS “Heartbeat” feature which provides hourly updates on location while the ignition is turned off.

We also offer the SignalTrack Smart Antenna in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure, which allows the Smart Antenna to be mounted on any type of asset or vehicle.

Made in the USA, the SignalTrack is engineered with high quality parts and chipsets. It provides an incredibly flexible foundation on which many of our customers' solutions for GPS vehicle tracking are built. See below for more details.

Key Benefits

  • Size of a credit card – no black box
  • Designed for covert installation
  • Tamperproof Hardware
  • “Heartbeats” – Hourly location updates when ignition is OFF
  • Hardware & web application can fully integrate with other third party solutions
  • Monitor vehicles, heavy equipment and non-powered assets on ONE platform

The Smart Button is an add-on to the Smart Antenna that enables employees in the field to mark job-related tasks (events) with GPS coordinates for immediate tracking and reporting.

Smart Button

The Smart Button enables employees in the field to mark job-related tasks (events) with GPS coordinates for immediate tracking and reporting.

Do you have an idea for how to use the Smart Button but are unsure whether it will work?
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GPS North America’s Smart Button
offers solutions for:

  Passenger Pick Up and Delivery Verification
  Pothole Detection
  Bulk Trash Pick Up
  And more!