Trailer Tracking

Your company’s trailers and its contents are among your most valuable assets. With the AT-3100 GPS Asset Tracker we provide managers with the tracking and insight to maintain up to the minute location information on all of your trailers and assets.

The AT-3100 GPS Asset Tracker is a standalone GPS device used for fixed and mobile asset tracking that can be deployed for inventory control and prevention of theft.

Once attached to the trailer, it provides location and motion information. Operators can track transmissions on our web based application which provides the exact location of the trailer/asset being tracked.

Designed for out-door use, the GPS Asset Tracker enables you to track trailers, containers and any heavy equipment with a constant or intermittent power source.

GPS North America’s AT-3100 Asset Tracker offers solutions for:

  • - Trailer and Container Tracking
  • - Cargo, Logistics & Asset Tracking
  • - Plant & Construction Equipment
  • - Train Car Tracking

A Range of Alerts

  • - Geo-Fence Enter
  • - Geo-Fence Exit
  • - Extended Stop
  • - Maintenance
  • - After Hours Movement

Standard Reports

  • - Detailed Activity
  • - Fleet Status
  • - Maintenance Status
  • - Start-Stop Report
  • - Geo-Fence Location
Trailer Hitch GPS Trailer Tracking


AT-3100 GPS Tracker – Power: For use where intermittent power supply is available

  • - Programmable (on/off/test/panic) button
  • - Resilient to severe weather conditions
  • - Tamper switch – Instant alert when unit removed from cradle
  • - Low battery alert
  • - Easy installation
  • - Unit charges it’s battery when the power is connected
  • - Will function off internal battery when no power is available
  • - User definiable – reports are available between every 3 and 15 minutes when moving, every hour when stationary

AT-3100 GPS Tracker – Stand Alone: For use where no power supply is available. Device is easily recharged by plugging into wall outlet

  • - Long life durable battery
  • - Used for both mobile and fixed asset management
  • - Programmable (on/off/test/panic) button
  • - Low battery alert
  • - Easy assembly and removal
  • - Resilient to severe weather conditions
  • - Tamper switch – Instant alert when unit removed from its cradle