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GPS Fleet and Asset Management Solutions

Customers today want more value for their investment dollar, and that is exactly what GPS North America provides. Our fleet management systems monitor more than the location of your vehicle; they provide security, efficiency monitoring, improve safety, and help to eliminate unnecessary operational costs, resulting in a more profitable and efficient operation. It is one product offering a variety of solutions to problems every fleet manager/owner faces today.

Save Money

With the high costs of fuel and labor today, business owners need to explore every opportunity to save money. Our fleet management systems allow you to track things such as idling times, equipment usage, and driver activity to eliminate excessive fuel costs, overtime, and DOT fines.

Increase Productivity

One of the biggest challenges for companies is to get a vehicle to the client in the least amount of time. Our "find closest vehicle" feature is standard in our SignalTrack application, and optional products like Garmin dispatch can help a driver get there. Increase the productivity of your vehicles and watch your profit rise.

HOS Compliant

July 1, 2013 was the official compliance date for the HOS Final Rule. You will no longer be able to use paper logs. Our Hours of Service Electronic Driver Logs remove the guesswork and make sure your company and driver are compliant at all times. We make compliance and implementation of E logs easy.
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