Fleet Management
GPS Tracking

GPS North America is the only provider of complete, fully integrated fleet management and asset tracking solutions. Our GPS tracking systems empower sales, service, and delivery companies to radically improve customer service, efficiency, safety, and operating costs. We offer a full continuum of GPS software —including GPS tracking with integrated dispatch—along with a range of products for locating virtually any company asset.

What Our Customers are Saying

"We know our vehicles are being operated safely. Since putting in the system, NOBODY has gone above 65 MPH. We recommend this system to all our peers in the industry. I believe in this system so much I invited GPS North America to make a presentation at our ACCA meetings."

— Carl Schneider, Custom Aire

"The service has more than paid for itself in a cost savings through recovered vehicles and products. We are pleased with the service we have received from GPS North America, from the initial sale, installation process, and now our current ongoing service."

— Nikki Noble, Fleet Manager

"We compared the GPS reports to our employee time sheets and saved over $1,000 of payroll the very first week. This is our new time clock!"

— Joe Clemens

"I know how long my drivers are at each stop. It even monitors how long the pumps are running on the trucks. It is amazing. I can answer any question our customers have about billing in seconds."

— Mike Curry

"I have peace of mind knowing where all my vehicles are at all times. GPS continues to save us money; which is very important to me. A special thank to your staff for training us on how to utilize all the features. The customer support is always available and willing to help my staff.”

— John Khader